How We Do It

If body jewelry is a way to tell the world you’re different, custom body jewelry says, “I’m an original.”

At Element Body Jewelry, we want your experience to be as unique and exciting as you are. But in an industry fraught with slow delivery times, subpar customer service and unwelcoming storefronts that make ordering custom jewelry complicated, it can be tempting to settle for the status quo.

Element Body Jewelry set out to change that. With sights set on elevating the industry by delivering custom jewelry quicker with more reliability, great customer service and the right edge, Element Body Jewelry refuses to stop at the industry standard. We’ve slashed the standard eight- to 16-week turnaround for custom orders to just two weeks. We’ve created a shop where you can feel comfortable expressing who you are and what you want. We’ve staffed our shop with talented local artists: expert craftsmen who will bring your vision to life.

We’re down to earth, committed to our craft and dedicated to the simple morals of life: trustworthiness, reliability and respectfulness. Whether you’re a bank teller or a web designer, we want to help you wear your creativity on your sleeve.